The ways I Can Help You

Okay, but what are you really walking away with?

Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain: This is not free because your investment isn’t just a coffee chat. I continuously invest in myself to up-level my knowledge, experience, skills and expertise and these are essentially what you’re paying to pick through. I do have to prep for our calls. Since there is work/implementation involved on my part, I must be compensated for my time but you’re getting access to me at a fraction of my usual costs.

You are getting a 45 minute session that is limited to just us – 1:1. Please have (at least the majority) of your questions ready ahead of time as much as possible to keep it semi-structured. No structure may result in you walking away with many questions unasked and unsatisfied.

When filling out the form to book an appt, I will ask for the main subject of discussion, questions and will create an agenda out of these. You are welcome to ask more questions as they pop up during our session; however, I want to provide ample time to the most important questions and I also want to provide a thorough response by doing my due diligence in preparing an answer to ensure you get the most out of your session. In order to do this, it helps if I know the subject and questions ahead of time.

After our session, I will send a summary of our meeting notes and my recommended next course of action (your blueprint/roadmap). I do not provide recordings. The recordings are so that I can be in the moment during our meetings without worry and then reference them later when putting together your summary notes.

VIP Intensive

VIP Intensives are split into 3 sessions at 2 hours each. You are required to book each session at once and they must all be scheduled within 2-3 weeks of each other (all 3 sessions must be completed within a month) with a minimum of a 2 day break between sessions because it is intense and mentally exhausting. Your intensive strategy includes:

  • Recordings of all 3 sessions
  • Summary of meetings, homework, follow up, etc.
  • A final blueprint debrief/report
  • Access to the project management board that we will set up during the intensive
  • Slide deck of recommendations, affiliates, and referrals

You can find the process here.

Doesn’t matter if you’re new or have been in business for a while! There are always things to plan no matter where you are in the business stage.

Not in the pet industry but want to work with me anyways? Reach out to me! I have experience with most service-based businesses (coaches, launch managers, agencies, other independent contractors, consultants, creators, etc.) and product-based businesses too (pet food, pet treats, pet products, physical planners, soaps/candles, self-care products, etc.) If I feel confident I can help you in your industry, I’d be glad to work with you.

It is ideal that you have a team before starting this process, but not a requisite. It is NOT for you if you do not have the motivation to do all the things we will discuss or you’re the type that doesn’t know where to find answers and won’t figure it out. If you cannot afford this .. it’s not for you either.

Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Success depends on how much action the team and CEO takes

Fractional DOO [Retainer]

Fractional DOO Retainer Service: This is subject to my availability, schedule and your needs (e.g.; if you need more hours than I can currently provide).

This service is if you have come to the decision that you may need more strategy long term and/or more support than your team can provide -or- you would like to pull me in for a certain roles such as an ops manager.

This is at minimum a 3 month contract with possibility of extension. If the contract is extended on a month to month retainer, I require a 60 day notice of termination. I will provide up to 50 hours of support a month starting at $4000/month. Services can/may include, but not limited to: HR, team management + org chart design, project management, systems and process audit/rebuild, creating/updating SOPs, KPI/metrics, offering insight and feedback on strategy, etc.


Payment Plans:

For a VIP intensive, please email me to discuss payment plans at I do offer a 3 payment plan option at $600 bi weekly x 3. Please note that you cannot schedule your final appointment nor will you receive your deliverables until all payments are paid.

All other services are to be paid in full prior to meeting/purchasing/services starting.


Due to the nature of our services, we do not offer refunds.